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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I wear?

Patients should wear loose comfortable clothing. 

2. Does it hurt to have acupuncture?

Typically, while a patient can feel the insertion of the needle, it does not feel like more than a light prick. With needle stimulation and the arrival of Qi to a point, a patient can expect a dull achy sensation or itchiness at the needle site.  


3. How many needles do you use?

The number of needles varies from treatment to treatment. 

4. When should I come back?

Each recommendation is made on an individual patient basis. In general, more acute cases will need to come sooner and more frequently. Patients with chronic issues should anticipate less frequent visits over a longer period of time.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is at it's best when approached as a preventative. Addressing an imbalance before it becomes a more serious issue. I would recommend a quarterly "tune-up." As with most of life, things come up when we least expect it and coming in as needed is most common. 

5. What can TCM treat?

This is not a full or comprehensive list, please call if you have any questions regarding treatment.

(Elyse's specializes in Women's Health and Fertility but is not limited in practice.)


Allergy Relief



Auto-immune Disorders 

Common Cold

Depression and Mood Disorders

Digestive Disorders



Frozen Shoulder

High Blood Pressure



Nausea and Vomiting

Pain and Injury 

Post Stroke Care

Pre and Post Surgery Care



6. Should I eat before treatment?

A small snack before your appointment would be most helpful. 

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