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Book Recommendations

Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine:
If you find yourself asking, what is a good book to learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine, here are a couple of books that may help you on road to deeper discovery. They both do a good job of explaining the basic foundations of the medicine. 

web that has no weaver book image_edited
between heaven and earth book image_edit


For further investigation in the Traditional approach to nutrition, this book is a great addition. It really helps the reader understand how a food can help you or maybe should be avoided.

healing with whole foods book image_edit

Fertility and Women's Health :

These books are an excellent resource to have while on your journey to better health. Fertility Wisdom and The Infertility Cure are books that focus on the Traditional Chinese perspective. The Period Repair Manual and Taking Charge of Your Fertility are books that really can help you understand your monthly cycle and help you to feel more empowered in your own healthcare. 

fertility wisdom book image_edited.jpg
infertility cure book image.jpg
taking charge of your fertility book ima
period repair manuel book image_edited.j
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